Sesi Personal Coaching Eksklusif Teropong Bursa



Sesi personal coaching 1 to 1 dan face to face. 3 hari (11am – 3pm), Sabtu Ahad, dan Isnin, dengan temujanji. Lokasi Lembah Klang sahaja.

Product Description

    1. Sesi Coaching Face to Face untuk maksimakan interaksi pelajar dengan tenaga pengajar. Sesi personal dan interaktif dimana pengajar mengutamakan perbincangan dan soal jawab untuk memastikan pelajar mendapat manfaat sepenuhnya semasa kelas berlangsung.

3 days Coaching sessions face to face within Shah Alam with appointment. 11am-3 pm with 1 day live market training

Learn simple & proven trading strategies, set up and important stock selection criteria. Combining Technical Analysis with Fundamental and Sentiment Analysis to have the best stock selection and best technical signal, to increase the odds of a trade to be successful.

Preferred level intermediate or advanced level, not recommended for Beginners Level.

1. 6 hours video explaining in further detail about Momentum Trading the quickest way to trade without having to wait too long for a trade to show results.

2. Free 3 months Support group on telegram for case studies and Q&A, weekly live video meetings.

3. FREE 3 months ACCESS to Pre-Closing Screener thru Telegram, premium short term screener with 80% success rate, since 2019.

4. 1 year FREE ACCESS to trainer for support.

Flexible session, further discussion can be done on topics you want to cover. Discuss the details with the trainer. Contact us now

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